MIKE VALE: I was in awe of the location

Mike Vale playing at Rogla for Aurora
December 1, 2020
Mike Vale | Tech-house


Tech-house maestro Mike Vale chased Aurora’s second appearance in late November 2020. This time, spectacular lights appeared on the Tree Top Walk above Rogla in Slovenia. They were then spread online to the rest of the world. Mike Vale prepared a brand new set for Aurora. He presented it to tens of thousands of spectators who joined the live stream from 57 countries around the world. 

Temperatures were below zero, the treetops were swaying slightly under the weight of the snow. And let’s not forget about  the  cold wind on the tower of the Tree Top Walk. Mike Vale presented a set lasting around 50 minutes. He managed to raise the temperature a bit with his great beats. After the end, when seeing the clip, despite the cold fingers, he agreed it was all worth it! After the performance we talked about the current situation in the music industry, his music and wishes for the future. 

Right now, the whole music industry is in a kind of spasm. It’s unknown when anything will actually move forward. How do you see the situation? Maybe it taught you something? 

No one would have ever imagined that something like this could happen at all. The entire music industry is currently at a standstill. That doesn’t mean we can’t create. I use this time to my advantage and enjoy not being under a bit of pressure at the moment. The situation taught me that everything can be fleeting. 

Have you found any inspiration to create lately? What inspired you the most in these times?

I have never lacked the inspiration to create during covid. I did, purposely, take 2 months off, from producing my own music and social media. But during that time, I was producing music for others all the time. So the music was with me all the time anyways. 

Electronic music events are now more or less moving online. You were part of the Aurora project now, how would you describe your performance? How do you view the project? How did you feel over the treetops at sunset? 

The Aurora project impressed me with the professional approach of the project creators. I think the project is very well set up. I’m glad I was able to be a part of it.  I think the final product looks top notch, while I really enjoyed making it. 

How is playing in the embrace of nature different from playing in the embrace of a crowd of people? Does nature give you additional drive? 

It’s certainly not the same, but I have to admit that I was in awe of this location. I probably enjoyed it all the more because of this, even though there was no audience. Maybe we should repeat this, this time with the audience. 

What are your wishes for the future? Where is your path going? 

Above all, the desire is to stay healthy and continue making music. I have a couple of projects with which, given the situation, I am in no hurry. I will wait a little longer with the releases. Personally, however, I especially wish we could all relax a little and breathe normally. 

If you were told that tomorrow is the end of the epidemic, the end of quarantine, that life is returning to old tracks. What would you do immediately? 

I would take my wife on a date! (laughter) 

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