CELEC DJ for Aurora
May 14, 2021
Audio | Aurora | Techno

Name: Matej Celec
Location: Obala
Artist name: CELEC
Genre: Techno
Music means to me: Music is my passion and motivates me to keep me happy which means power and enjoyment of what i am doing.
I get inspiration for my music from: all forms of music inspired by unkown artists most of underground music scene.
My favourite song of all time is: I don’t have it, music is changing all the time…
My favourite album of all time is: Album from THR records called Electro Arabic whit remixes from a lot of great djs/producers: https://open.spotify.com/album/0Y7wmv6veK0kOFZrDYqyf8
I wish I could share the stage with: Charlotte de witte, Amelie Lens, Chris liebing, Xenia, Shadym, Nusha, David Temessi, Sam Paganini, Deborah De Luca etc.
The biggest accomplishment in my career was: Knowledge which I got through the years of inspiration by music.
The most interesting memory I have from a festival/club is: Crowd control with the Madness of Techno! 
I spent my time in 2020 with music by doing: Producingproducing, producing… Is all bout music.
My biggest wish for the future is: Collabs with famous djs.

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